kimihiro Shimoda, President
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An integrated production system, from planning, plate producyion and printing through the manufacture of decorative papers
for use with building materials, construction and furniture applications.
Harmony between People and Nature

Individualization is wherein lies Sakaefs strength;

As todayfs leading manufacture of wood grain decorative paper, we continue
to make progress on the following fronts: improving our levels of productivity, making our business more efficient, being more aware of the environmental effects and providing our customers with products that are as king to them
as to the environment.

We take advantage of our technology and experience, gained in forty years
of business results, to develop our business not only in Japan but across
the world on a truly global scale.

As we spread our wings for our flight to the future, we thank our customers
for their continued support.

"a company for creating the futureh
President's Message

In 1959, our former president, Tokio Itoh, established a film-printing factory for lightweight packaging materials in Osaka. Subsequent years saw our move to our present location,
with gravure printing for the building materials industry becoming our mainstay.

Carrying on in the creative spirit of our founder, we have taken as our motto the words
sincerity, service and trust, earning a stable reputation in the field of gravure printing
throughout the world.

gStriving to create a harmony between people and nature,
while maintaining
pride in our creative spirit as a manufacturer"