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Approach to Environmental Problems
Designing Nature is Sakae's mission
Our actions and policies for environmental issues.

1.        We established a Green Project to actively work on the protection of the environment both within our plants and in the areas surrounding them. We are also committed to providing a rich working and green environment, sponsoring an objective to have every employee plant a tree within our grounds.

2.        we aim to develop and run an environmental management system that allows us to encompass everything from an elimination of environmental pollutions to recycling , energy conservation and appropriate waste management all while manufacturering products considerate of the environment.

3.        We continues to involve ourselves in the protection of the areas surrounding our plants by thoroughly recycling solvents, installing fume ducts, constructing sewage systems, and performing disaster drills three times a year.

4.        We aim to be certified ( ISO14001) for our environment management systems by the end of FY2003, and are fostering a common awareness among all employees for the protection of the environment.

5.        With a theme of designing nature, we always include natural elements in our product development and design planning stages, as a means to develop ecologically friendly products.

Our Basic policy for Environmental Issues

Our approach at Sakae to maintaining the environment
around us and to considering the secondary pollutants
associated with our products has been to actively face
environmental issues and allocate environmental costs
We’ve established
our own environmetal standards
because everyone at Sakae is
responsible ; this is
watchword for actively providing ecologically
responsible products.

An integrated production system, from planning, plate producyion and printing through the manufacture of decorative papers
for use with building materials, construction and furniture applications.
Designing Nature