Maximally utilizing our networks in countries throughout the world, we continue to provide our customers with environmentally friendly products that reflect, in combination with our domestic sales results, our forty years of experience in technology and development and IT services. Aiming to always be an aggressively creative consortium, we foster diverse and flexible imaginations, while exerting every effort to institute the highest level of specialization.
Management Strategy
Management Philosophy

   We Strive to create a harmony between people and nature, while maintaining pride in our creative spirit as a manufacturer. We contribute to the development of living environments
as an open business, available to the regions in which we work, actively disclosing our responses to environmental issues while clarifying our role in society as a business. "Differentiation" is wherein lies Sakae' s strength; our belief in this allows us to continue to be a company for creating the future.

An integrated production system, from planning, plate producyion and printing through the manufacture of decorative papers
for use with building materials, construction and furniture applications.
A Company for Creating the Future

Philosophy of Sakae
Corpolate Symbol

Sakaefs corporate color is a creative blue that reflects not only our originality but our progressive nature as well. Furthermore, our choice of a natural black reflects our commitment to the diversity of nature and Sakaefs technological strengths. Sakae' s corporate symbol represents a mixture of the harmony between people and nature and our technological prowess, and it well reflects our ability to fly forward to the future.

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